nedelja, 17. maj 2015

Review: Artdeco Bronzing powder - WORTH THE SPLURGE OR NOT?

Happy and sunny Sunday! 

Yesterday I went in Müller to spoil myself a bit and bought the new summer limited edition Artdeco bronzing powder. It retails for 17,90€ and it is a German brand. The whole summer limited edition serie is very nice and pretty, so I highly recommend checking it out!

It's packaging is sooo sleek and nice to look at, it feels heavy, it looks expensive, it has got all of my 10 points. I noticed that with some stuff you could really compare it to high-end brands.

The bronzer itself is a warm toned, light-weight and it has a nice print on it! It's also water-resistent and has SPF 15. It is a little bit lighter than I expected and it's not completely matt, it has a little bit of shimmers inside.

To even get some good pigmentation on my hand, I took three swatches. What I'm trying to say is, that it's not very pigmented but it is buildable. It's more meant for pale than dark skin tone, cause it would hardly do anything on darker skin tones. That is kind off silly because when there is summer and the sun, you get tanned and you look darker.
How are you suppose to bronze your cheeks with a light bronzer? 

That is my experience with the bronzer. I have worn it today and it took me a few good dips in the bronzer to get some on my cheeks. 

What do you think? Do you own it? What is your experience with it?
Let me know in the comments down below and I will see you next time!

Love from Maša x

četrtek, 07. maj 2015

Review: Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes 2 palette

Hello, hello, hello! 
How are you?
Today's blog post is another review, but this time I am not reviewing another bronzer but the new and famous Essential Mattes 2 palette by Makeup Revolution! It's one of the new ones, I think it's out for about one or two months...? Let's just get on to it!

It has 12 eyeshadows and all of them are matte. The colors are so warm-toned and pretty, aswell as pigmented. It retails 4,95€ here in Slovenia and that is suuuuch a good prize for this great quality. It gets a bit chunky and it has a bit of fallouts though, but you can't complain for that small amount of money you spend on it, right?

So yes, colours are sorted very funny, people would expect that Makeup Revolution would sort them by the colours (from the lightest to the darkest) but they mixed them. They still start with the light ones but somehow one of them popped between the brown ones.

So yes, as I said the palette starts with light eyeshadows and they all have a slight pink undertone, except the second one. They are perfect for inner corner highlight, brow bone highlight, for the whole lid etc. 

The second half reminds me of the Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 (dupe of the Naked 2 palette) except it does not have any shimmers in it. Can you tell or is it just me? Haha! These are the best colours for the crease and outer corner. Love how pigmented they are! Not too much, they are buildable!

For today's look, I used just two eyeshadows from this palete, the pink one in the crease and on the whole lid, the dark brown in the outer corner and slightly in the crease. I also added the pink one under my bottom lashes & Love the effect! 

If you are from Slovenia, then make sure you check out the site where there are alot of makeup goodies...and because I am really thankful for all of my readers, I got a discount code for you and you will get 15% off every product! Just type: BRALKABLOGA15 in the specific field on the end and the discount is yours! ;)

What do you think about the palette? Do you own it? What kind of look would you do with it? Harsh smokey eye look or a pastel and bright one? Let me know
in the comments & I'll see you soon again!

Love from Maša

nedelja, 03. maj 2015

Review: Bahama Mama bronzer

Hello beauties!
Happy Sunday everybody! How are you doing?
Today I decited to do a review on the famous Bahama Mama bronzer by TheBalm. One of the ladies who follow me requested a review so here it is! Hope  all of you will like it!

So, the bronzer by itself seems so pretty and natural looking on every tone of skin! I'm very pale and it still seems sooo natural looking!

The packaging is very unique, fun to look at, which TheBalm is very good at!
On the back it says Bronzer... for a Sun-kissed Look! And for sure it is! 

I feel like you can use it as a contour or as a bronzer. It's something in between of a cool-toned and a warm-toned bronzer. I used it sooo many times in both of the ways and I loved it! As I said, perfect natural looking bronzer! 

On the left picture I did contouring with it (it seems a bit harsh, but it's not off the camera), and on the right picture I bronzed my cheeks with it a bit. 

It retails for 20€, but I got it for 14,65€ on The last time I checked they still had the offer, so I think it's worth checking it out!

Hope you enjoyed in this short review and let me know in the comments if you have it/want to have it and what is your opinion on it! 

Love from Maša

nedelja, 12. april 2015

Zoeva Rose Golden palette review!

Hello everyone!
Happy Sunday, hope everyone is having a great weather and some awesome time! Today I've decited to review my favourite palette of all times (beside my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette) and it is the Zoeva Rose Golden palette. Zoeva has came so far up with their amazing brushes and palettes and they just have such an amazing quality of products!

The palette comes in a pretty box with a flawless print on it..a true rose golden combination. :)
The palette closes with a strong magnet so it is very handy to travel with it too, because it is very slim and thick and it can't open easily by itself.

Colors are warm-toned, very beautiful, perfect for spring and summer and some shades have such nice undertone! They feel very creamy and silky and they apply so well with an applicator or a brush. The pigmentation and the selection of names are my favourite! You can use the shades just by themselves without any eyeshadow base and they will stay on for the whole day - from morning to the evening!

Swatches of the first row...
Luster is the matt shade in this row, all the others are shimmery. Names (from left to right): Luster, Reflective Elegance, Cooper is King, Shining Bright and Rusty Petals.

Swatches of the second row...and here are two of my favourite colors ever! Just a Rose and Golden Rule. Names (from left to right): Foil, Just a Rose, Golden Rule, Harmony and Wonder Full. The shade Just a Rose was at first goldeny looking but when I applied it on my lid the pink came out of nowhere and this shade is the one I wear the most and I love it - it truly is a rose golden color! 

So, hope you enjoyed this review, let me
know in the comments what do you think  about the palette and what color is your favorite! Also make sure you check out Zoeva's website: - they have so many gorgeous products, you won't regret checking it out! :)

Love, Maša

četrtek, 12. februar 2015

Dashbox: February 2015

Hello my lovely readers! :)

Do you know what time of the month it is? Right, Dashbox comes in the mail this week!
So, this time I took a litte peek in what is going to be in this month's Dashbox and I was satisfied about some stuff, but some disappointed me...Keep on reading! :)

So this is what the packaging looks like, it's the same every month, and then the second picture is showing us what I got inside. You can see that there are pretty much full size stuff - so the Dashbox got a little bit more expensive: from 10€ to 18€.


1. W7 Powder blush in Rose. This retails for 6€. At first when I saw it, I was like "Woah, that's too powerful for me!" but as I swatched it (twice, cause I didn't get alot of pigment the first time) I saw that it really isn't that bad. But still a little too much for every day occasions.


2. Johnny Organic - Cacao Glow, Antioxidant and it retails for 12, 95€. It can be a facial scrub or a mask, so it's convinient. I was too excited to try it so I did...honestly, it has a very, very powerful smell (cacao). I don't like it too much, but at least my skin is feeling smooth.


3. Sweet Secret - Chocolate body wash gel, which retails for 12,35€. Now, this was the thing I wasn't so sure about when I saw it on the photo and when I smelled it, I was even more dissapointed. It's just not a smell that I like and so I'll probably give it away to some chocolate and pistachio lover. But that's definitely not me...


4. W7 Super Gel - Deluxe Eyeliner in Blackest Black, it retails for 4€. It's basically an eyeliner pen or your waterline pen, whatever you want to use it for. What I'm trying to say is that makeup is fantastic, cause you can use whatever you want and wherever you want it to be, cause it doesn't give you any limits or rules.


5. Greenland shower gel in grapefruit-ginger. This is a sample and as I love fruity kinds of shower gel, I'm sure I will like this one...:)

Hope you enjoyed in this review of this month's Dashbox!
Follow me if you haven't yet & you won't regret it, and I'll see you next week!

Maša x



sreda, 28. januar 2015

1st Dashbox: January 2015

So I'm truly excited to be subscribing the monthly surprise box - Dashbox, and to be receiving all these goodies. And it's only 10€ per month! Lets see how it looks:


So yes, this is Slovenias subscription box and it's pretty much a dupe of Ipsy or Boxycharm but BETTER. 


As in every box, you receive a list of the things that have been put inside, how much do they cost, describing the products etc. And the best in the box: goodies you've been waiting for! 

The first product is the Mirati full size hand cream and it retails for 12,31€. I actually don't like hand creams that much and you must really like the smell, but this! This is amazing! Smells so good and it's very moisturising, so a big + to it!


The next products are samples from the brand L'erbolario and I've got a body cream and a face cream (2x). As they are samples, I don't know how much they cost but oh well, very excited to try them! 


The next products are:
- Ren Flash Rinse, a face mask, the sample retails for 10,80€. Girl, das esspensive!
- Farmona samples for your hair (upper line) and the bottom one (left) for you body. The full sizes retail for 12,76€ and 13,00€.


The last thing in the box is a nail polish from Essence (a bonus thing), full size and it retails for 2,00€. I love it, cause it's sparkly and shiny and I just love things like that! 

Hope you enjoyed in this little review thingy!
And a big thanks to Dashbox of course!

Maša x



nedelja, 25. januar 2015

Drugstore DUPE of "Dust" from the Naked 3.

Happy Sunday!

As I did a High-end dupe yesterday, today I shall make a Drugstore dupe, but this time of the eyeshadow called "Dust". 

So, the same photo I posted yesterday, it contains Strange, Dust, Burnout and Limit, but we'll take a look at Dust only. I found a very very similar shade from Max Factor. It's name is "Wild Shadow Pots".


So again, on the first look they were very similar to me, so I took some swatches!


Here you can see, that the Max Factor one is in a deeper shade of gold and pink, when the Dust one is moving between orangy and pinky shade with a bit of gold...


So, this is my discovery of another dupe...If you maybe like the Dust eyeshadow in te Naked 3 palette and you wouldn't like to buy the whole palette, just because of one, here's a dupe that you can seek for it just in your closest Drugstore!

Hope you liked it! & What do you think? 
Let me know in the comments!

Love, Maša